Anti Asthma / Allergic


For people with allergies, reducing the number of mites droppings and dust in their surroundings, can help reducing the asthma symptoms. Dust mites inhibit mattresses. Everybody loses moisture and dead skin at night while sleeping. Absorbed into an ordinary mattress it is the perfect breeding ground for dust mites to multiply, building up year on year. This cannot happen in a water mattress.

The water mattress covers can be removed and washed at 60 degrees C at which temperature mites are killed. Easy access to the mattress enables regular cleaning. A water mattress is non-porous. Simply washing the mattress down eliminates the house dust mites and skin debris from the water bed. We recommend washing the bed covers regularly along with blankets and bed covers and ensure you are drying them completely. You should also be using dust-proof pillow cases and duvet covers.

DUPONT water beds provide an ideal alternative to allergy bedding and an easy and healthy way to relieve allergies and asthma attacks. A water bed is the best and most natural allergy treatment, and the best form of anti-asthma bedding there is available.

Please do not do any self diagnosis but consult with a health professional.

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