Any person immobilized and confined to bed for a prolonged period is susceptible to bedsores (decubitus ulcers). The tissue being pinned between hard underlying bone and the surface of the bed for a long period of time can cause this problem.

The blood tissues are squeezed, making circulation to the tissues difficult. If cells are deprived of blood for a long period of time they eventually die, causing bedsores. Therefore, treatment relies on reducing these pressure points. A water mattress spreads the body weight evenly, so blood can circulate freely right through the body. A regular mattress puts uneven pressure on certain areas, whereas a water bed moulds to the shape of your spine and joints to relieve pressure and support your posture gently throughout the night.

Improved circulation & skin health with a water bed

The constant warmth of a waterbed further enhances blood circulation, keeping your skin healthy and vastly reducing the likelihood of sores developing. For those in convalescence, or those with circulation problems, a water bed can significantly increase their quality of sleep and skin health.

Please do not do any self diagnosis but consult with a health professional.

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