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The Deep-Fill DUPONT Mattress Core – can be installed in a bed frame or used as a complete, free-standing waterbed.

The benefits of the Soft side System:

The core of the bed are two water filled mattresses. Inside is the Dupont patented gel fiber that soaks up most of the water and dampens the water from moving inside the mattress. This will ensure an undisturbed sleep when your partner is moving as the “waves” are stopped by the gel fiber.

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The core mattresses are held in shape by a soft side bolster frame made from PUR foam that is stable enough to hold the weight of the mattresses but also soft enough to be comfortable.

The foam wedges are held together by a safety liner, this strong plastic sheet prevents water  from leaking into your bedroom in the unlikely event that one of the mattresses starts leaking.

On top of the mattress is a soft liner made from a soft PVC sheet to cover the mattresses and protect them from dust.


The mattresses assembly is held in shape by a soft and pliable padded bolster case, constructed as a single unit. The outer bolster case also provides insulation between the mattress and your body and its thick padding will bridge the gab between the two mattresses inside the bed. 

Best Quality of the manufacturer is guaranteed! 

The quality of our raw material is subject strict guidelines. (EU – Standard) We use only virgin Vinyl which is not mixed with cheap components from recycling products.
All Dupont Products are subject to strict quality controls.

Dupont is a registered trademark owned by Serenade Co., Ltd..

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